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Spite: The Drained Hollows
Hack n' Slash

The god has drained the swamp from its water and created a maze with high root walls. You're sent to investigate where the water went and to get rid of the corrupted animals.

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The team:

  • 3 Level Designers

  • 4 Game Artists

  • 2 Animators

  • 5 Game Programmers

  • 3 Technical Artists

Production time:

  • 14 weeks half-speed = Around 280 hours.


  • In house engine

  • Unreal Engine 4

My contribution

  • Level Designing all levels together with LD colleagues

  • Story & Level Taskforce

  • Scripted Event Taskforce

  • Metrics Taskforce


Feel free to scroll through the images to view our process and in-game scenes that I have been a part of.

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