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Always striving for better quality

Being a perfectionist doesn't always mean bad things. it means I'm not afraid to "kill my darlings". I won't hesitate to restart and redo my level until it feels like it fits the game perfectly.

Level Design student at The Game Assembly currently looking for an internship from Aug 2022 to April 2023 

Growing up with two older siblings whom happen to be into gaming, video games naturally became a huge part of my childhood. When I still was relatively small I used to be their P2, especially when my brother player Super Mario Galaxy 2, but as I got a bit older I started to play more by myself, but still only Nintendo games. When I was going to start senior high school I thought, "hey why not study something game development focused, just to get a small taste of how it might be" and I started studying Game Development at LBS in Lund. The education was heavily focusing on programming and in the second year I realized that programming WAS NOT for me. However, in the third year we happened to have course building levels in Unreal Engine 4, which introduced me to the wonderful world of level design. This made applying for The Game Assembly very clear and I applied immediately after I graduated from high school. The little things I had learned and researched myself about the topic was enough to get accepted!

Now I'm here presenting myself in my portfolio looking for an internship to showcase what I've learned during these two years

Thank you for taking your time reading my portfolio!

/Elvira Smakic

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